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PARLOR PLUS POUCH by The Ambitious Card - Trick

PARLOR PLUS POUCH by The Ambitious Card - Trick

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Excellent busking pouch by The Ambitious Card.

Relative load size: 5 oranges and a coconut.

This pouch is useful for busking and as a servante attached to a table. The pouch can be worn in front, on the hip. It's lighter weight than the Busking Pouch and doesn't hold quite as much, but will still hold a lot. This pouch is very comfortable to wear, has a softer construction than the busker pouch, and is easier to roll up and store.

  • Outside soft pockets in front and on the sides -- great for getting and ditching items.
  • Inside flat pocket for small objects toward the body.
  • Beautiful leather.
  • Lined on the inside and the back.
  • Supply your own belt.
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Been rocking my pouch around town. Love the pockets! Was a bit concerned about size when I ordered and I'm not cups and balls master but heard it was too small to work well for that presentation but I disagree. Holds a coconut three limes and three tcc final loads. As well as rope sponges sharpies and knock knacks for the sharpie effects I do appearincane coins and a coin frame plus my wand. Still have room for other stuff. With the new customer promo I felt like I got over. Now if my skills would develop as fast as I received the item I'd be in business.

Thank you for your review! I'm so glad this worked out and I'm glad we could help you find exactly what you wanted! Keep rocking that pouch! - Ron

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