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Tom Thacker and Ron Teitelbaum of TnT Magic have been friends for over 40 years. We have always loved magic and spent countless hours as children, trying out new tricks, and building things.  Tom was more of the performer, always showing all of our friends new tricks, and Ron was always the decoder. "How is that done, let's figure it out", or "I get it, let's build it!"

As we got older the Magic never went away. Tom was the tour manager for Harry Anderson and spent a lot of time on the road doing magic shows. Ron got into computers and for the last 15 years has been building 3d Virtual Collaboration software for 3D Immersive Collaboration Corp.  The product is now called Virtend (was Immersive Terf, Teleplace, Qwaq).  

To really understand why we are building a 3D Magic World you need just a little more back story. Tom has never really stopped doing magic. He was at a magic show watching Tina Lenert do a spectacular linking ring routine.  There were no clinks, or tells, the movement was smooth and choreographed, like a dance, and the seamless linking and unlinking she was performing was just amazing to watch. It was such a treat. During the intermission getting a drink he heard some people talking about the show.  "You know there is a hole in one ring?" he said. Tom realized at that moment that he had been watching an entirely different show.  While he saw magic and beauty, commitment and practice, to perform at such a high level, Mr. Hole in one ring, saw something different.

Man doing card flourish
There is real magic in the world. It is the beautiful art of wonder and amazement that comes from seeing someone perform, or even performing something in front of a mirror that is so good you can fool yourself. To be successful takes dedication and practice, but a real magician is not just a performer that knows how things are done, a real magician is a true artist.  

Tom practiced and performed, ran in magic crowds, and saw the underbelly of the

Tom Magic Show

magic world.  As a kid Tom hung out at the magic store in Hollywood.  It was a place where people would gather.  If you were really lucky someone BIG would come in and you could talk with them.  They would tell you about what they were working on, show you some new creation, maybe even watch you perform and give you some feedback.  The guy behind the counter was a bit gruff but he knew everything and was happy, for a while, to show you some stuff.  It was an amazing experience for someone so young.

We are much older now. Looking around there are a few places that people can gather online and share magic, but the internet and so called social media (which is not very social), has made it very difficult for people to participate, to get to know other magicians, and to grow up in this wonderful world we all love so much.

We want to bring some of that back!  We are taking Tom's and Ron's love for the pure art of magic adding in some technology (built with over $16 million in the last 15 years) and building something great! The place for meeting magicians, attending lectures or shows, doing magic research in our library, visiting our magic museum, and maybe supporting us by buying some magic from our speakers, creators, events, or our store (where you are now).  

We look forward to meeting you in our Magic Community! Sign up now to be added to our list!



Ron Teitelbaum             Tom Thacker
Ron Teitelbaum        Tom Thacker