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CUBIK BOOM (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gustavo Raley - Trick

CUBIK BOOM (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gustavo Raley - Trick

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Gustavo Raley presents a high impact effect for your shows.

A Rubik's cube is shown on all sides, it is placed inside its container with its corresponding lid, and instantaneously it is disarmed turning into candies in view of the spectators.

You can make candy, M&M, Froot Loops, Popcorn.

Very easy to make.

Just to see the reaction of the children to realize that the effect is a boom!
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weak, terrible cube

first, I really like the idea of taking a real sized cube and turning it into something in the blink of an eye. now the cube isn't noticeably a gimmick at a distance, but for close up, its most definitely noticeable. I would say, if used up close DO NOT STOP MOVING because if someone gets a good look at the "cube" its game over. Now the other gimmick is also very weak and the only way I can get this to work, is to flip it upside then back over. Just by shaking it, the cube just bounces around and releases whats inside. I will NOT be returning because it still is a nice effect for the kids.

Hi Rodney,

Thank you for your review. That is very helpful! I'm glad you will still get some use out of it.

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