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Cube in Bottle Project (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Taylor Hughes and David Stryker - Trick

Cube in Bottle Project (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Taylor Hughes and David Stryker - Trick

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Discover the secrets behind putting a Rubik's Cube inside a bottle, and the unbelievably powerful effects you can use it for with "Cube in Bottle Project."

In collaboration with Vanishing Inc., David Styker and Taylor Hughes are thrilled to teach you everything they know about one of magic's most mysterious impossible objects. You'll not only learn how to make them, but how to use them to perform a mind-blowing instant solve and a show-stopping matching effect.

"Cube in Bottle Project" is a must for anyone looking to leave a permanent impression on their audience.

LIMITED STOCK. Do not miss out.

What you'll learn:

Creating a Cube in Bottle

You'll learn David Stryker's ingeniously easy way to get a cube in a bottle. Once you know the method, it will only take you about 15-20 minutes to make one. You'll get all the tools and enough supplies to get started right away.

In-the-Bottle Matching Cube Prediction

You also get a complete tutorial and performance rights for Taylor Hughes' signature effect "Reflections." This is the same effect he's used to close out shows from the Magic Castle to his virtual magic shows on Zoom for nearly 5 years.

A "cube in bottle" is introduced. You then bring out another cube and let several audience members mix it up. Once they've had a chance to fairly shuffle it, you retrieve the cube and show that it impossibly matches the one in the bottle. Everything can be handed to the audience for examination. You can even let your client keep it forever.

Visual Bottle Solve

You've seen endless visual Rubik's Cube solves, but nothing quite like this. While locked inside the bottle, you are able to solve a cube in the blink of an eye. This is an incredible moment of visual magic that will stun your audiences. It offers great angles and is super practical for everything from in-person parlor shows to online magic videos. While you can't hand this bottle out, don't let that deter you from showcasing this mind-boggling effect.

What Do You Receive?

In the box, you'll find everything you need to start making your two impossible bottles.

This includes a:
  • Custom toolkit
  • One bottle
  • Three of the best Rubik's Cube Magic Cubes available today-RD Regular Cubes** (that's two cubes for the bottles and an extra to perform "Reflections").
You'll also be delighted to see how inexpensive it is to make a "cube in bottle" with David's method. Extra supplies can be found in most stores and are very affordable. You'll want to give these impossible souvenirs to every client, friend or family member you know.

NOTE FROM VANISHING INC: Two different methods for "Reflections" are taught. The one in the full performance video of Taylor Hughes from the Magic Castle uses an extra gimmick (Rubik's Dream - Three Sixty by Henry Harrius). However, there is also another one taught that is just as effective, doesn't require any extra gimmicks and was used by Taylor for more than a year before discovering RD360.
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I purchased this in hopes to learn something new. I really didn't know what to expect so i placed my order. I did return the item, not because of its quality or what it has to offer, but for me it offered nothing. I all ready know how do do everything it explains from putting a cube in the jar, to matching all sides, and different ways to go about performing it. If you are new to cube magic, and want to learn how to put a cube in a jar, or do a side match, then this is for you! This is NOT a performance, where you put the cube into a jar Infront of your audience, you make the cube in jar prior to your act and use it as a prop.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you don't know how to do the two tricks mentioned above!

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