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Flashtrix by Lee Myung-joon

Flashtrix by Lee Myung-joon

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Transform your coin magic with FlashTrix's LED wand, the ultimate tool for modern magicians. With its built-in magnet and intricate black art effects, you'll effortlessly elevate your performances, leaving your audience spellbound with every flick of your wand.

FlashTrix is a new original magic effect by Lee Myung Joon, produced by JL Magic. 

He performed at FISM ACM, CMI Convention, the Swiss Magic Competition, etc.. It's a magic trick that has been used in many domestic and international stages. 

FlashTrix can be used not only for coins. It has many various bills and small objects, you can also create a card "torn and restore" effect.

Key features:
  • Instantly perform mind-blowing magic tricks
  • No difficult
  • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
  • Amaze your friends and family
  • Easy to handle, and powerful
This is Lee Myung-Joon's new trick "FlashTrix"!

What's included:
  • FlashTrix wand
  • Vanishing coin 1 set (3 coins)
  • 1 set of multiplying coins (4 coins)
  • Gimmicks
  • Online tutorial QR 
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